Corporate Information
  • Major Shareholders
    (Zhejiang RuiYuan Intelligent Robot Company Limited)
  • Directors
    Mr. He Keng (Chairman & Executive Director)
    Ms. Wu Shanhong (Executive Director)
    Mr. Chen Weiqiang (Executive Director)
    Mr. Ding Cheng (Executive Director)
    Mr. Zhang Tieyi (Independent Non-executive Director)
    Mr. Zhang Zhuoyong (Independent Non-executive Director)
    Mr. Kwok Kim Hung Eddie (Independent Non-executive Director)
  • Joint Company Secretary
    Ms. Zou Jing
    Mr. Cheng Ching Kit
  • Principal Banker
    Bank of China
  • Auditors
    KTC Partners CPA Limited
  • Registered Office
    Factory, No. 3, Laiyan Road West,
    Economic Development Zone (South Side),
    Yuyao Zhejiang China
  • Principal Place Of Business In Hong Kong
    40th Floor, Sunlight Tower, No. 248 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong H Share Registrar And Transfer Office
    Tricor Abacus Limited
  • Corporate Website