Environmental, Social and Governance
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are wide-ranging with a great impact not only on a company’s long-term business development but also on the general society. A good ESG performance is indispensable for a company’s long-term success and sustainable development. The Company operates its business within all applicable legal and regulatory frameworks.

The Group’s sustainable development governance focuses on compliance with the applicable environmental and social laws/regulations in the regions where it operates. The Group’s policies of sustainable development governance are formulated by its relevant departments according to actual needs and applicable laws and their implementation is subject to the supervision and guidance from the Group’s management.
Stakeholders Concerns Communications Channels
Investors and Shareholders Corporate governance, business risks, business operation Investors meeting, annual general meeting, financial reports, ESG report
Employees Compensation, health and safety, training and development Employee complaint mechanism, whistleblowing policy, training feedback
Government Tax compliance, employment security, business ethics Compliance with laws and regulations, positive response to government policies, continuous communication with relevant government departments
Customers Product quality Company website, feedback from front line employees
Community Contribution to cultural and social development Support of charity organizations in relevant fields
The Group is committed to complying with all applicable environment laws and regulations, protecting the environment, and managing the impact of our operations on the environment through appropriate environmental strategies, including but not limited to by reducing energy consumption and pollutant discharge, responsibly using natural resources, and improving waste management. The Group has always been making efforts to reduce the consumption of natural resources and the generation of waste. The Group’s operations do not create any air pollutant or greenhouse gas emissions directly or generate any hazardous or non-hazardous waste and its mainly source of energy consumption is electricity. The Group has striven to reduce the direct and indirect impact of its operations on the environment by reducing unnecessary energy consumption in its offices and adopting environmentally friendly policies.

It is the Group’s policy to reduce the generation of waste and use electricity economically. To raise our employees’ environmental awareness, we have pasted environmental stickers and posters on the walls of our offices. The Group also encourages waste recycling and management. Measures include, for example, pasting “Print or Copy on Both Sides” signs on each duplicator or printer, and placing a wastepaper basket by each duplicator or printer to facilitate recycling. Meanwhile, the Group will promote paperless office and document digitalization. We transfer old duplicators together with unused toner cartridges to suppliers to avoid causing waste. The Group has taken different methods to reduce electricity consumption of its offices. For example, all air-conditioners are set within the 25°C-27°C range to ensure that employees work in a comfortable and eco-friendly environment. Electrical appliances are turned off when not in use to save energy and electricity.

We encourage employees to use eco-friendlier means of transportation. When making business decisions, we consider the possible impact on the environment. In addition, we educate employees at all levels on environmentalism and provide training when necessary.
The Group is committed to creating an anti-discrimination and antiharassment workplace for employees. We strictly comply with all applicable labour laws/regulations and provide equal opportunity for applicants and employees regardless of their age, race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, social stratum or political background. The Group will investigate into any complaints of discrimination or harassment and take necessary actions. Antidiscrimination is an important part of our recruitment, promotion and dismissal processes. The Group has covered all employees with the applicable retirement scheme according to relevant laws/regulations and provides them with other benefits including medical benefits. The Group’s management reviews the Group’s internal management systems on a regular basis and updates its employee compensation and benefit policies according to changes in labour laws. The Group will continue to strengthen its HR management strategy and provide its employees with career development opportunities, appropriate incentives and a good working environment.

Health and Safety
The Group cares for its employees regarding their health and benefits and provides them with customized insurance plans to enhance their social security and reduce their medical costs. All subsidiaries of the Group review their workplace and safety policies on a regular basis to ensure the full compliance of their everyday operations with all applicable laws. All industrial accidents are required to be reported to the Group and subject to evaluation on a case-by-case basis according to the Group’s internal processes. The Group briefs all new employees on occupational health and safety policy at induction, provides specialized safety training for specific departments and positions, and communicates the latest occupational safety information on a regular basis.

Development and Training
In order to promote employees’ career development and solidify the foundation of the Group’s sustainable development, we encourage employees to take part in relevant courses offered by professional organizations and, through these courses, improve their professional knowledge, skills, techniques and competitiveness and broaden their horizons. In order to promote self-improvement, the Group also provides qualified employees with cash subsidy or other incentives to acquire relevant job-related knowledge and enhance their performance. In addition, we invite various professional organizations on a regular basis to provide well-targeted training and inform the employees of relevant legal and regulatory information, product information and industry development information.
Lawful Operation
Supply Chain Management
For its procurement, the Group evaluates supplier candidates not only in terms of their service performance and product quality, but also taking into account their environmental certifications. It also reviews its existing suppliers from time to time to ensure its supply chain stability.

Privacy Protection
The Group protects the confidentiality of personal information and customer privacy and complies with the Personal Data (PRIVACY) Ordinance (Chapter 486). We have formulated detailed codes of conduct for operation and service to protect customer privacy. In this regard, the Group requires its employees to comprehensively comply with instructions on customer data treatment and prohibits them from copying, communicating or disclosing confidential information without authorization to reduce the risk of information leakage.

Product Responsibility
The Group’s products and services comply with all applicable laws/ regulations relating to health and safety, advertising, labelling and privacy with no violation during the year. The Group has a comprehensive system in place to address customer requests and complaints and provide aftersales services. The Company responds to customer complaints in a timely way by solving relevant issues through internal investigation and getting back to the affected customers about the results of investigation. In addition, the Management will review complaints, discuss remedial measures and, where necessary, adjust internal control and management systems or facilities to avoid subsequent occurrence of the same issues.

The Group complies with all applicable anti-corruption laws/regulations and subjects all its employees to its internal code of conduct, requiring them to behave ethically, do things honestly, treat others fairly, respect diversity, comply with all laws, accept accountability and communicate openly. The Group encourages employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to pay attention to and report on any misconduct relating to the Group.

Care for Community
The Group is committed to supporting community development in the areas where it operates and having a positive influence on the local communities. We support community engagement, contribute to cultural and social development, and encourage our employees to get involved in volunteer services and community activities to promote cultural diversity and community values.